Your Business Has Been Sued: What Should You Do?

The most common lawsuits against businesses are breach of contract, torts, wage law violations, employee discrimination, wrongful termination, and discrimination suits by non-employees.

Small businesses are vulnerable to employment-related lawsuits. That is because they do not have human resource professionals.

1. Act Fast

When your business is facing a lawsuit, you should act fast. What you do in the next 24 hours after you get the lawsuit is extremely vital.

2. Contact an Attorney

You should immediately contact a corporate attorney. A top attorney has many years of experience. The best business lawyer in Boise, ID has financial/business qualifications on top of having a law degree.

Top attorneys in Boise are also members of Idaho State Bar. This legal society promotes high standards of professional conduct. It also offers referrals to the best solicitors.

3. Respond to the Charges in the Complaint

Remember, the clock is ticking. There are response deadlines. In Idaho, you and your lawyer have around 20 days to respond to the business lawsuit.

Even if there are false accusations that the courts will not take seriously, you should post a response. Failure to do so will lead to a default judgment in favor of the other party.

Because a timely response is vital, the lawyer should know about a complaint in a timely manner so that there can be adequate time for preparing a response.

4. Begin the Discovery Phase of the Litigation

The discovery phase is the most important litigation process. It will continue in one form or another until there is a judgment.

Discovery will involve gathering information related to the case. You need to assemble relevant documents and send them to the lawyer for safekeeping. You can consult your employees and other parties who might have information about the situation.

5. Work with An Attorney to See if There is the Possibility of an Out of Court Solution

Business disputes are best resolved out of court. The negotiation process will take less time and will facilitate privacy. If negotiation is not possible, the lawyer will have to file the case in court.

The Bottom-Line

Corporate lawyers deal with business lawsuits. A firm needs legal representation when faced with a lawsuit. Hiring the best attorney is essential.