Types And Applications Of LED Tape Lights

LED (light-emitting diode) lights have quickly become one of the largest-growing sectors of developing lighting technologies. LED lights are efficient, durable, versatile, and offer a variety of light qualities and colors. The increasing demand for new LED lighting technologies has birthed the creation of highly versatile applications of LED lights, such as LED tape lights.

Types of LED Tape Lights

Tape lights are highly versatile in their applications. The lights are mounted on strips and come in a variety of voltages and lengths to suit any project. Their flexibility makes them extremely easy to install with a minimum of time and effort. They are safe for indoor and outdoor use, as they are also available coated in silicone sheaths that protect from the elements and make them waterproof. The resilient silicone coating has UV protection and does not crack or yellow.

Installation of LED Tape Lights

As tape lights come with a 3M peel-and-stick backing, they are a cinch to install and great for DIYers. Numerous accessories are also available to increase ease of installation as connectors allow for the LEDs to be joined without the use of soldering. Female and male connector wires, remote controls, and dimmers are also available. The LED extrusions are also easily mountable on a variety of surfaces, such as wood and drywall.

Applications of LED Tape Lights

The flexibility of the LED tape light strips makes them ideal for installing in a variety of locations where task lighting is needed: under kitchen cabinets, around mirrors, under shelves. Their CRI (color rendering index) makes them ideal for creating visually stunning displays or effects in a space. LED strips offer a variety of light temperatures from warm to cool white, with custom colors also available. Thus a wide range of colors can be produced to suit any mood, and can also be controlled through remotes. Their uses outside include along gazebo or pergola edges, patio linings, and concrete inlays.

LED tape lights can bring amazing visual displays to life. The ease of their installation makes them any DIYer’s dream, while their versatility is limited only by the imagination.

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